About the platform

The purpose of the platform is to link the NGOs and associations working on the ground with people in need. Many people are requesting help but no centralized database is available and there is no tracking available for each application and shared between all NGOs. We aim to avoid duplicate work and help people in a more organized and transparent way.

How it works?

Citizens can submit their applications by specifying all the needed information.
NGOs and associations can see all the applications and pick the ones that they can solve. Contact is made directly between the NGO and the applicant.
If an NGO or association fails to solve the case, the application will be made available again to all NGOs.

The team

Joseph El Khoury
Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Activist

Mobile: 70/105727
Email: joseph@ngofit.org

Fadi El Kahil
Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer

Mobile: 03/806150
Email: fadi@ngofit.org